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When going gluten free everything, including whiskey, needs to be checked for its gluten content. For those wondering what type of whiskey is gluten free: we have contacted companies, read ingredients, and scoured the internet to provide you with a list of gluten free whiskey.

While some whiskeys are referred to as gluten free, they still may be made from gluten containing grains The gluten is said to be “distilled out”. Some alcoholic beverages add gluten back in after the distillation process via natural and artificial flavorings, mash, and caramel color. These types of whiskey may still cause issues for some with celiac and gluten intolerance. Your own judgement and advice of your doctor should be used before consuming any alcoholic beverage.

Chivas Regal Airplane Bottle

Chivas Regal – Gluten Free

Chivas Regal

This is a smooth blended scotch whiskey with a distinct oak taste. The taste can be a little much for those who do not prefer the woody flavor. This alcohol is distilled from wheat grains. This Whisky is gluten free. The gluten is distilled out during the distillation process. Some cheaper whiskeys add a bit of mash back in after distilling which would add gluten back in as well. It seems Chivas Regal does not add mash back in.

Rating by Laurie Clark: 3.0 stars