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Dr. Lucy’s Costco Chocolate Chip Organic Gluten Free Cookies

Dr. Lucy’s Costco Chocolate Chip Organic Gluten Free Cookies

We’ve had much better cardboard.

These cookies taste like cardboard covered dirt and leave a soap like taste in your mouth.

Rating by Laurie Clark: 0.5 stars

Easy Quinoa Cooking Directions

Easy Quinoa Cooking Directions

Here’s to my new favorite toy, Quinoa!  I try to use it in as many ways as possible. I began using quinoa as an alternative to rice which my body doesn’t tolerate well. It is a great substitute for a grain free diet as it is actually a seed. It can be used in place of rice in most recipes. I’ve used it everywhere from side dishes and tuna salad to quiche and pizza crust.  Looking for ways to use your quinoa? Check out our easy quinoa recipes!

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The Quick & Easy Gluten Free Meal Plan

If you’re not quite ready to dive in to the gluten free recipes we have throughout the site, but still need to eat a gluten free diet, we have you covered too! You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily you can adapt to a gluten free diet, without sacrificing on taste or going broke.

Below are various meal suggestions, that fit various diet constraints, which can be combined and shuffled around to give you plenty of simple and delicious gluten free meals.

Without further adieu, I bring you…

The My Gluten Free Girlfriend Simple Easy Gluten Free Diet Plan



No Restrictions

  • Eggs – Egss are a naturally gluten free food.
  • Bacon – Some brands may have been cured or seasoned with ingredients that contain gluten. Brands that we have found to be safe* include:
    • Costco Bacon
    • Hormel
    • Oscar Meyer
    • Applegate Farms
    • Boar’s Head
    • Kroger


No Restrictions

  • Canned Tuna – I know, right? Trust us, it can be made tasty! Tuna salad is gluten free when made with gluten free spices such as McCormick and Hellman’s or Duke’s Mayo(Don’t use mayo from a shared jar with gluten eaters there is a big cross contamination issue. We like squeeze bottles for this reason!)
  • Sandwich rollups! We roll gluten free lunch meat( Oscar Meyer, Hormel, Kroger, ect.) up with cheese and veggies, hummus and other gluten free toppings like brown mustard! If you want an inexpensive bread choice try soft corn tortillas.
  • Wendy’s salad’s(Substitute grilled chicken and no croutons or tortilla strips) and baked potato are my favorite fast food lunch!
  • Hot dogs (Ball Park, Nathan’s, Hebrew National, Oscar Meyer)


No Restrictions

  • Salmon Burgers – Delicious and nutritious, Costco has frozen salmon burgers that are quick and easy to make.
  • Hamburgers! ground beef is gluten free and making burgers id fun. If you want a burger out try Five Guys, Red Robin, Cheeburger Cheeburger, or Outback steakhouse(Best burgers ever!) Just skip the bun.

*Just in case, we would like to say: All recommendations are at the time of writing. We are not an employee of the mentioned products companies and are not responsible for anything. Ever. At all. If you get sick, it’s not our fault. But, we are sorry you don’t feel well. Please get better soon.

Nino’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant Review

Nino’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant Chesterfield Virginia

Nino’s Pizzeria and Restaurant

This location is permanently closed.

1108 Courthouse Rd,
Midlothian, VA

This place has a great family atmosphere. Nino’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant in Midlothian Virginia has dine in, carry out, and delivery! The fact that they deliver high quality gluten free pizza makes them our favorite pizza place ever! The gluten free pizza is pretty good and my girlfriend who is celiac and highly sensitive to gluten has never had a problem after eating it. For the non gluten free diners in your pizza party, Nino’s pizza is excellent. We have not yet eaten anything off of their pasta menu, but when we do a review will follow.

Rating by Laurie Clark: 5.0 stars

Nizza Restaurant New York Gluten Free Pizza Review

Nizza Restaurant

After reading the reviews and arriving at Nizza Restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, we had high hopes, especially since they were quite packed. We opted for eating at the bar, as a wait on a table would be quite a long time (there were 5 of us). Once at the bar we ordered our drinks, and all went downhill from there.

Our drinks went empty a few times, each time we had to work to get the attention of the bartender (who was busy socializing with other Nizza employees) and point at our empty glasses to make her understand what we wanted. As I said, they were quite busy, so we refrained from complaining on how long it took for our food to be ready. What we did have to do, was send back my girlfriends gluten free Socca which is toppings on a chickpea pancake (the closest thing to a gluten free pizza they had on the  menu). It was burnt!  We’re not talking a little dark, either. The Nizza employees actually thought it would be ok to send out a “pizza” with black crust, a black bottom, and burnt toppings. I wish we had a chance to get a picture of the black mess.  We had them remake it and were told it would be about 5 minutes. After quite some time passed a new socca was brought out to her. She described the crust as mushy and tastless with a texture that was hard to choke down. The sauce and cheese were bland and of low quality. The sausage topping was great and the only thing she really enjoyed but there wasn’t much of it. The long hot peppers that were supposed to be on it were missing.

We could have eaten at another highly reviewed gluten free pizza joint but, due to the fact that this one was GIG and GFRAP approved we made the grave error of choosing Nizza.

The rest of the Nizza’s Pizzas? The other members of our party described the pizzas as “plain”, “tasteless”, and “it sucked”. One was all sauce and no cheese another was all cheese and no sauce. One was missing a few of the toppings that were clearly listed for this pizza on the menu. We ended up making a pizza sandwich of the two different pizzas to end up with something edible. Oh and they didn’t even bring bread to the non gluten free guests in our party.  All other tables were served bread and oil with spices to tide them over until their food came.

We passed our dislikes on to the manager, who stated he was sorry we didn’t like it. He let us know that Nizza’s pizza was “authentic” and that Nizza had the “best pizza in New York”. Then he walked off.

As for the Nizza Restaurant gluten free pizza, my girlfriend had pain and bloating equal to a gluten response for 24 hours after eating it and she is still having residual problems 3 days later. She hadn’t eaten anything else that could have caused a reaction. I’m not saying Nizza’s food caused her this reaction, it “could” have just been a coincidence… Or, it could have been the food.

We all left NYC that night unhappy with our dining experience.

Good job Nizza Restaurant. Burnt food, probable glutening, lack of care, and horrible customer service from both the standard employee and the management.

Rating by acook: 1.0 stars

Gluten Free Salisbury Steak

Ah, Salisbury Steak. So good and yet, usually, off limits to the gluten intolerant and their dinner partner. Alas, we have gluten free Salisbury Steak, and it’s good.

Alan wrote that. I on the other hand was hesitant about making said salisbury steak.  To me salisbury steak was a half burnt half frozen hunk of hamburger type meat. It always came on a lunch tray or in a black plastic container with  potatoes and a soggy gravy stained brownie. I love Alan very much and humored him on this one. We made this meal together. This recipe changed my whole outlook on what salisbury steak was. This meal came out with a juicy flavorful burger and a savory mushroom gravy that I couldn’t get enough of. I drooled over this meal. I have to admit as always ALAN WAS RIGHT!

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