I Am More Than Just A Gluten Free Girlfriend

Hi everybody! I have been away for way too long. My health has changed drastically as have my allergies.

When I began my Facebook page and my blog I had recently been diagnosed with Celiac. That diagnosis was a three year long road full of multiple wrong and a bevy of specialists.

I began to feel better immediately after going on a gluten free diet. That lasted about 6 months and then the horrible stomach aches, brain fog, and body pain came back.

Since that time I have been taking my healthcare into my own hands. I have a distrust of doctors after the arduous road to my celiac diagnosis.

I narrowed my new issues down to a corn intolerance. At first it was just any ingredient with the word corn in it that I could not tolerate. Then as corn intolerance’s usually do I became more sensitive.

Today, I can not have any corn products or derivatives. Things that seem benign to many people wreck my body. Vinegar, dextrose, xanthan gum, etc. all send me into excruciating stomach pain and affect my mood. If I can not buy it from the perimeter of the grocery store I can not eat it. Even the perimeter is tricky due to some meats and cheeses containing hidden sources of corn.

You can quickly see how my world became a limited and scary place.

Sometime during the corn elimination process I began having heart palpitations and then extreme lethargy from my morning black coffee. I could no longer have any form of caffeine. Good bye chocolate!

Then I began noticing that sugary foods were causing extreme lethargy and the need to sleep soon after eating them. Good bye sugar!

I thought fruit was still my friend. My one source of sweet foods. Wrong!

One morning after eating my breakfast banana I was shopping alone in Walmart.  I got dizzy and fell to the floor. I had to call Alan to come help me. I was seeing stars and the world was moving yet I was sitting still.

I tried bananas again before shopping at Walmart we RV and often stop there for breaks from driving. Ten minutes after eating them I could not form words. I became a stuttering mess. I could not get my thoughts from my brain to my mouth and out. It was the scariest thing I have ever had happen to me. Goodbye fruit sugar!

Since February 2016 I have adopted a low carb high fat diet. At first I did it in an attempt to lose some weight. I quickly found that I felt better than ever before on this grain free diet high in meats, dairy and veggies.

As most of my food journey has happened thus far, I was soon feeling ill again. This time it was dairy. I had never been a big cheese eater before LCHF way of eating. Now I was quickly realizing that dairy was also my foe bringing on bloating, stomach pain, and constipation. Goodbye to most dairy!

At this point I have a very limited diet.

I never know how I will feel from day to day.

I have many pain issues as well. I was born with a club foot which threw off the mechanics of the whole right side of my body. This lead to back spasms and spine pain that leave me in tears. My corn intolerance keeps me from taking anything but Goody’s powders as corn is a major ingredient in almost all medications.

During our last two years on the road, both Alan and I have developed fragrance allergies and sensitivities to chemicals. Everything is more difficult when avoiding scents. Perfume, shampoo, laundry scents all cause symptoms for both of us. We often can not enter stores or go to events because of this. Headaches, burning eyes and nose, burning itchy skin, sore throat, and breathing problems are some of the symptoms that fragrances and chemicals give us. Because of this I make many of my own all natural fragrance free products.

Alan and I travel fulltime in our RV and have been on the road for almost two years. We love it! But, travel and healthcare do not get along.

I am not a rich woman by any means. To get a healthcare plan that works in all 50 states is near impossible to find and totally impossible to afford.

We just became residents of the state of Florida where we spend every winter. I look forward to beginning my journey back to health once I get there. But navigating the healthcare system also frightens me. I know how hard it was to convince doctors something was wrong with me for three years before my Celiac diagnosis.

I am sure I have left out many major details here, but you get the picture. I am really truly awfully sick and I don’t know what is causing it. It seems as if my body is creating new intolerances faster than I am able to weed them out.

This brings me to the real point of this blog post. I have not posted here in about a year. My Gluten Free Girlfriend no longer feels authentic to me. I am so much more than that. I would love to continue this blog to include my healthcare journey, my travels, and to highlight my new allergies. I would like to take this blog away from being just recipes and reviews. t can be so much more!

Is my medical journey and my fight to find out what is causing these scary food issues something you all care to read about? Will you follow me through a name change etc?

I love you all and hope you do.


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2 comments on “I Am More Than Just A Gluten Free Girlfriend

  1. scentfreesavvy

    Ahhh! Food Russian Roulette a game I know well. I finally found a doctor (yes, expensive and out-of-pocket) to give me a blood allergy test geared towards food. I always thought I was allergic to corn and corn byproducts. I learned all the hidden words for corn. Come to find out that wasn’t it at all. The main allergens were soy and egg…. yes, gluten and dairy too, as well as a few others. One thing about soy is it is in everything. And if not in it it is sprayed on nonorganic fruit, coffee beans and vegetables. If you ever want to talk contact me at my email. This comment will be too long other wise.

  2. Cindy D.


    I too have had similar symptoms for years. I couldn’t eat gluten, diary, corn, rice, coffee. As time passed, it seemed like I could not tolerate many foods at all and had a very strict diet. And I had pain throughout my body. My skin was sensivite to the touch. I was cold and had chills most of the day. My lungs felt so heavy all the time. I had no trouble breathing but it felt like a brick was on my chest. No energy. I was always at the doctors having many tests done. However, nothing could be found. I was desperate and knew I was in trouble. I was diagnosed as having fibromyalgia. But, I did not believe my doctor. I am the type of person who always goes in for regular check ups, blood work, etc. Everything came back normal all the time dispite my symptoms.

    However, last year, I was barely able to get out of bed, stricken with body pain and feeling so ill. Finally, we discovered the source of my problem. I had cervical cancer. It is a slow growing cancer. The most important thing to me is I want people to know the cancer was “hiding” in a area on the top side of my cervix that cannot be tested during a regular PAP/cervical screening. It wasn’t until it grew large enough and reached the bottom side of my cervix that it was finally found during my routine PAP/cervical screening.

    My symptoms were not the “norm” even when discussing them with my oncologist. My oncologist said if my symptoms went away after my surgery then we’d know the symptoms I had were from the cancer. I have been cancer free now for over a year. My symptoms of pain and food intolerances are GONE except Gluten. I still cannot eat gluten.

    I wanted to share my story in hopes it helps someone.

    Laurie, I wish you all the best on your journey. I hope you find the answers you seek and feel better soon.



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