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Pinterest Shut Us Down, For No Apparent Reason

Pinterest Broke Up WIth Us

Update 1/20/2014
Yay! We have hear back from Pinterest, it seems a couple of our pins were shared around a little too much. Oops, over enthusiastic or an issue with WordPress, not sure which. Either way, we’re back up and running on our normal Pinterest page!

Until we can sort things out, we are pinning as My Gluten Free Girlfriend under one of our personal accounts and you can follow us there.

Yes, Pinterest shut us down. We attempted to log in to our account on 1/14/14, and received the following message:

Your account has been suspended for violating our Acceptable Use Policy.

What?! Ok, we log in, we pin, we share, we do what Pinterest is intended to do. Then, without any notice, we are “suspended”? No email, no “Hey, we think there is something going on”, no warning. Just gone. Pinterest’s only method to request account reactivation is a form on their website. Unfortunately, it seems they sometimes take their time responding to requests and shut down accounts on a regular basis. Bummer. We even posted to them on Facebook, and have yet to receive a response.

Pinterest suspension inquiry on facebook

Pinterest suspension inquiry on facebook

We’ll keep you posted if and when Pinterest gets back to us and how it all works out. Meawhile, if you already miss us, love our great recipes, and would still like to support us on Pinterest – make sure to follow our personal page.

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I follow a few of the gf group boards and inoticed that your posts were almost all i was seeing recnetly. tyou might hve gottne some spam recportsa nd thtats why they shut you cdown

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