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Gluten Free Mongolian Beef Stir Fry

All month long we are running a contest to win this Awesome San-J Gluten Free Mongolian Sauce. Click here to enter. Then continue on to the recipe.

I am always looking for ways to connect with local businesses with gluten free offerings. I came across the fact that San-J the makers of my favorite gluten free tamari sauce were based out of Henrico a few miles from my home. I contacted them letting them know how much i loved there products. They sent me some samples to create a recipe and contest using their new Mongolian Sauce.

The sauce is tasty by itself and is really a recipe on its own. We basically took some chicken and beef and veggies and stir fried them in the sauce. It was wonderful.  The sauce is sweet and slightly spicy and full of flavor.

I needed to bring a safe gluten free meal for a dinner at a non gluten free Chinese restaurant over the holidays. I quickly heated some leftover quinoa with some shrimp and a few veggies. I took it to the restaurant with a bottle of the San – J Mongolian sauce and it made a great meal. While everyone else was complaining about the quality of their restaurant food I was happily munching my home made Mongolian dinner.

This sauce is versatile and a great addition to any Asian inspired gluten free meal. I highly suggest you try it.

Gluten Free Mongolian Featuring San-J Sauce
  1. Marinate the meats in a bit of the San-J Mongolian Sauce.
  2. Chop veggies to desired size.
  3. In a pan over medium heat cook the meat until no longer pink.
  4. Add in some more Mongolian Sauce and the veggies.
  5. Stir fry everything until done.
  6. Serve over rice or quinoa
  7. Enjoy!




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