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Tosh.0 Makes Fun of Celiacs, Users Wish Death on People With Allergies

Alan reads Tosh daily. I can’t stand the guy and think he is unfunny and mostly meanspirited. Alan showed me a Tosh today about It pokes fun at gluten free eaters. The comments, which Tosh’s blogs are famous for, are horribly mean. Chris Kieth’s comments made me extremely angry. Anyone who thinks that opening up a gluten free restaurant and feeding gluten filled foods to celiacs is funny is a very sick minded individual. Gluten free is not a fad diet. Bloggers like Tosh are further putting the idea that gluten free is a fad into the mainstream school of thought. I am livid and can not string my words together properly at this point so today I am handing over this post to Alan the gluten free boyfriend. Here is what he has to say on the subject.

With companies like South Beach Diet and their South Beach Diet Gluten Solution portraying gluten free eaters as fad dieters looking for the next simple way to lose weight, companies like Estrella and Omission using inaccurate testing to state they remove “most” of the gluten, just a little bit is left, and even our own joke of an organization – the FDA – saying anyone can slap a Gluten Free label on their product as long as they think it’s less than 20 parts per million, its no wonder no one takes real allergies seriously.

This is evident from a recent post on the always controversial Tosh.0 blog. This post – – makes the statement “Be A Burden On Your Waiter Together!” The worst part is the comments, showing what corporate America has turned allergies, like those of peanuts, and immune disorders like celiac disease into. One horrible comment from Chris Keith stated “Oh Jesus fuck…. I want to open a “gluten free” diner and slowly poison all of these blow-hards who are all of a sudden “allergic to gluten”. I’ll open a “nut free” restaurant next door and put peanut oil in everything…Fuck these retarded ass people and their fake ass allergies. I hope they all choke on a grain of rice.” It’s great to know we live in a world where people are so willing to cause harm to other people over things they don’t understand.

I urge you to go respond to comments on the Tosh.0 post with real facts about celiac. Also feel free to sound off here in the comments section.

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Angel Burch

It is true that there are mean spirited people out there that will seize any opportunity to make themselves feel superior by hurting others. But it is also true that there are those who do not need to eat gluten free and do because it is the “in thing to do”. As someone who suffers from Celiac Disease, I have come to terms with the fact that I have to look after myself and be careful to not be contaminated. I don’t frequent restaurants that I feel does not share my concern about keeping my body contaminate free. Honestly, it isn’t up to someone else to determine whether my aversion to gluten is real or not. It is real, it is deadly and even though there is free speech in this country still, some things just should not be said. Thanks for your blog – I appreciate it.

Jodi Stewart

Hey Laurie,
Cheryl from Freedible is moderating the closing panel at fablogcon in Vegas and she’s going to highlight the things that need to change in the world of custom eaters. (social, policy, research, support) This post is a perfect example of things that need to change. If you have a minute, can you share a link to in in the Freedible blogs section and tag it “change”?

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