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How To Cook Spaghetti Squash The Quick And Healthy Pasta Alternative

Spaghetti Squash

Eating healthy does not have to be any more expensive than eating junk. I scored a seven pound spaghetti squash at Fresh to Frozen for 1.98 today.

Often fresh healthy vegetables and meats are way more budget friendly than snack foods, yet many people fill thier carts and cabinets with snack foods and then protest that eating healthy is too expensive.

Alan recently did the math on his favorite bag of chips. I found this to be an awesome revelation. Alan’s favorite chips are Utz Carolina Barbeque in the 3 3/4 ounce bag. That sized bag is around 1.99 at most stores. That is 1.99 for 3 3/4 ounces. That means one pound of UTZ would cost 8.49 based on the standard sized bag. I often find chicken breasts on sale 1.99 a pound. Baby carrots are often 1.99 a pound as well. These are just a few healthy filling items out of many I could have picked. It looks to me like it is much more expensive to fill your house with junk foods than it is to shop the perimiter of the store; produce, meats, and dairy products. I was floored at the actual per pound price of potato chips. That is why I love Alan so much he thinks about things in a way that most people don’t take the time to do.

Sorry to squirell so far away from my spaghetti squash, but I had to share that awesome piece of math genius with you all. Seriously now let’s talk squash. Spaghetti squash is fantastic and much healthier than pasta. I eat it because it is delicious and even gluten free pasta is loaded with corn which I have an intollerance to. I like to use eat it plain, with marinara sauce, or sprinkled with cinnamon and stevia.

I had always been afraid to buy large squash because they take so long to roast in the oven and are incredibly hard to cut through when raw. One day a few months ago I decided to poke holes in one with a knife and microwave it similar to how you cook a baked potato. It worked! I have been microwaving my spaghetti squash ever since! The seven pound monster from the first sentence of this post only took 12 minutes in the microwave. That is less time than it takes to boil water and cook traditional pasta. Cutting it open was a breeze as well the knife just slid right through the soft cooked skin.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. In the amount of time it takes to make a 7.25 ounce box of mac and cheese that serves 4 and costs 2.50, I made 7 pounds of spaghetti squash that will feed me for a week of lunches and dinners. I know that not everyone has access to a salvage grocery store, but even at .99 to 1.25 a pound which is normal price in season around my area, the price of real food still wins out over the price of junk.

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How To Cook Spaghetti Squash The Quick And Healthy Pasta Alternative
Cook time
Total time
  • Spaghetti Squash
  • Knife
  • Microwave
  1. Pierce spaghetti squash in multiple places like you would for prepping a microwaved baked potato. Do not skip this step or your squash will explode into an ugly mess. Be very careful to not cut yourself.
  2. Microwave 10 to 12 minutes depending on the size of your squash.
  3. You can test your squash for doneness with the tip of a knife. If the knife easily cuts through the squash then it is done. If not microwave in 2 minute increments testing for doneness each time.
  4. Let squash cool for about 10 minutes.
  5. Cutting it should be a breeze now. Just don't attempt cutting through the stem they are quite hard.
  6. Scoop out the insides with a fork and enjoy like you would pasta.




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