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Gluten Free Raw Cookie Dough Bites For Ice Cream

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls For Ice Cream

I have been craving cookie dough ice cream ever since I became a celiac. I finally came across some made by So Delicious. It is dairy free and gluten free and has the most incredible cookie dough chunks I have ever had! I ate the entire pint in one sitting. The pint cost about 5.50 which is way out of my price range for a pint of ice cream. I wanted to save my money and buy it again, but then I had a better idea.

I decided to try my hand at creating an egg free cookie dough specifically for using in home made (or mixing with store bought) ice cream. I wanted it to be lower in sugar and fat so I could enjoy more of it with less guilt. I played around for a few minutes in the kitchen and after 3 tries I ended up with this mind blowingly delicious recipe. I love how easy it is to make too. The most time consuming part was rolling the dough into cute little balls for the photos. That part took about 5 minutes. If you make your balls larger or less round you can cut that time significantly. These are slightly salty when eaten by themselves. I took notes on what I liked about the dough in the So Delicious brand and that dough was quite salty. I never was a big fan of salt until I started baking. I would routinely leave it out of recipes thinking I did not like or need it. I now realize salt serves the purpose to balance and bring out sweetness in baked goods and cookie dough.

These little balls of love contain [ss_amazon asin=”B008RJMZA4″ site=”glutenfreegirlfriend-20″]coconut flour[/ss_amazon] and all purpose gluten free flour. I tried them with all coconut flour and they worked, but the consistency was more crumbly and they had a distinct coconut flavor. For the tablespoon of gluten free flour I used  [ss_amazon asin=”B007HD40L8″ site=”glutenfreegirlfriend-20″]Namaste Perfect Flour[/ss_amazon]. I believe these would work with just about any gluten free flour blend in place of the Namaste.

Gluten Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream

For the ice cream I decided on using a fun method that we tried in elementary school. I realized rather quickly that kids must have more energy than I do as shaking a bag if ice tired me out quickly. I didn’t even make it 5 minutes and decided to go the freezer route instead. This method yields tasty quick effortless ice cream in about an hour. I used  fat free condensed canned milk (5 oz size) and filled the can again with 1 % milk. I added 12 drops liquid stevia and 1 tsp vanilla extract to to a ziploc and froze it. I took the bag out of the freezer and squished the mixture around every 15 minutes to make a guilt free soft serve. This ice cream is a little on the icy side. If you would like a creamier consistency pour icy mixture into food processor and blend until smooth. Then refreeze for a bit.

I threw together the ice cream to showcase how wonderful the cookie dough is. The cookie dough is definitely the star of this post. If you are out of ice cream and can’t wait to try this then use my ice cream recipe. I like these balls the best mixed with a good store bought ice cream or a heavy cream based ice cream made in an ice cream maker. I am so happy that this recipe worked. I can now sit down next to my sweet Alan and enjoy cookie dough ice cream and gluten free kisses.

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Gluten Free Raw Cookie Dough For Ice Cream
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 4
  1. Mix all ingredients except chocolate chips in a small bowl. Dough should not be sticky. It should have the consistency of play dough.
  2. Chop chocolate chips. I put mine in a Ziploc bag and hit them with a mallet.
  3. Mix in chocolate chips.
  4. Roll dough into balls or mush into chunks.
  5. Freeze balls or chunks for an hour.
  6. Mix into your favorite ice cream.




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