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Washington DC Gluten Free Expo and Van Camping

2013 DC Gluten Free Expo

Alan and I are taking a much needed vacation this week. It is our first trip camping in our e350 super duty diesel van. We do not make any specific plans for vacations. We knew we were headed towards Pittsburgh to visit friends but that is it. On Friday evening I realized that the gluten free expo would be happening in DC on Sunday. I was really excited for the opportunity to go and share the experience with all of you. Alan being the sweet sweet man that he is made it happen. We had trouble (lots of trouble) finding a place to park the van to sleep overnight in the DC area. We finally found a Walmart parking lot and it was quite comfy.
We have our dog Gypsy with us she will get her first experience at doggie daycare while we enjoy the expo. I will be taking lots of photos (if allowed) and sharing much of the cool info and reviews of the free samples I acquire. I am excited to share info about the 2013 DC Gluten Free Expo with you all this year. When I looked up the expo on the internet I was hoping to read some peoples experiences from last years expo. sadly I found no such thing. I hope that these coming posts will be of interest to people who did not get to attend and for people who may want more info before attending next years expo.
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Now we are off for a fun filled food filled day!

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