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Nona Lim Red Lentil Soup Review

Nona Lim Red Lentil Soup

I recently won another Facebook Contest. This one was for a four pack of Nona Lim Soups. I received an email from Nona Lim asking if I had any questions before they send them out. I had noticed the Zucchini Soup contained corn and I asked if they were thinking about sending that one. I told them they could give it to another winner who could eat it or just leave it out of the prize. They quickly responded and said they would send a different soup for me to try. I was very pleased with their level of customer service and I hadn’t even received my prize yet.
I asked them if I could review these soups on my blog and of course they said yes.

The first soup I tried was the Red Lentil Soup. It smelled amazing while it was cooking (I used the microwave method). The soup was pleasing to look at and I couldn’t wait to taste it. I burnt my tongue a bit. I am always too hasty when it comes to my soup eating skills.

This soup tasted fantastic. I tasted very fresh as if from a scratch restaurant or freshly homemade. The soup had a light flavor that tasted indian or thai to me. The veggies and herbs were perfect. The lentils still had crunch and the carrots had some firmness to them. Most pre packaged soups have veggies that are mushy and bland (which is why I quit buying them). I didn’t even mind the celery in this soup as it was chopped finely and accented the flavor. I can’t wait for these soups to come to a store near me. This soup is full of flavor and still manages to be extremely healthy at 80 calories in a 6 ounce serving and 2.5 grams of fat. All Nona Lim Soups are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, and Inflammatory Free. If you have given up on pre packaged soups because of lack of flavor choices, high sodium content, preservatives, etc. I urge you to give Nona Lim a try.

Nona Lim Red Lentil Soup Nutrition Facts

Nona Lim Red Lentil Soup Nutrition Facts



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