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Nature’s Path Envirokids Berry Blast Crispy Rice Bar Review

Envirokids Berry Blast Crispy Rice Bar

While on vacation Alan and I took an impromptu detour to the gluten free expo in Washington Dc. It was a blast. We got a ton of brochures, coupons, and samples of granola bars and cookies, and other snacks great for throwing in a bag on the go. The highlight of the event for me was the hot food samples. Mostly area restaurants that had gluten free fare. There was everything from beer, to eggplant lasagna, to gourmet soups, and gluten free decadent truffles. I still felt a bit left out due to me having to ask if there was corn in whatever sample before I tried it. I found I could eat the samples from quite a few of the tables.

I will be doing mini reviews on my favorite items I sampled  over the next week or so. I found it very helpful in choosing new gluten free snack and food options to be able to try these samples. All of them are items I would not previously have purchased due to the lack of knowing if they sucked and the expensive nature of gluten free food. Many are also products that I found to be amazing and totally worth buying when I want a snack.

Envirokids Berry Blast Crispy Rice Bar is the first of my mini reviews. This bar makes a great snack for lunchboxes or in between meals if you crave something sweet. The puffed brown rice is light and crispy. I love that they use brown rice instead of white. These tasted like a berry flavored rice crispy treat to me. They were slightly less sugary and the freeze dried berries added a nice tang to offset the sweet. Overall if I was really craving a bar that tasted bad for me but wasn’t, I would buy these.



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