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Frying Bacon

Nature’s most delicious and perfect food, bacon. But what happens when companies mess with it? You can get bacon that’s not gluten free. Below are our reviews of several of the gluten free* bacon options out there.

Costco’s Kirkland Bacon

Delicious and Gluten Free, but only available at Costco.

By far our favorite gluten free bacon.

Rating by lclark: 5.0 stars

Smithfield Hometown Original
Gluten Free Smithfield Bacon Pouch Pack

While not one of our favorites, this was pretty good bacon. It was fattier than we care for and slightly saltier.

Rating by lclark: 3.0 stars

Hormel Black Label Bacon
Hormel Black Label Bacon Gluten Free

Laurie personally did not care for this bacon. It fried up weird. It did not have enough fat and was too thick so it charred before it was done cooking.

Alan thought of it as more of a smoked ham flavor, and less like bacon. It was good in this sense, but did not fulfill the salty pork treat need.

Rating by lclark: 3.0 stars

Gwaltney Bacon

We really enjoyed this bacon. It was slightly saltier than Kirkland but fried up well and was great made both ways: crispy and slightly floppy.

Rating by lclark: 4.0 stars

*All bacon listed is stated gluten free by the manufacturer at the time of writing. You are always encouraged to read any label to verify information is accurate and up to date.

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