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Burger Bach Gastropub Restaurant Review

Burger Bach Gastropub

Burger Bach Gastropub

10 South Thompson Street
Richmond, VA
(804) 359-1305


Burger Bach Gastropub

This place really understands gluten free food and makes a fantastic meal!

While I was thrifting for items to resell, I happened upon a new restaurant with fantastic gluten free food; Burger Bach. The burgers are made from grass fed beef, all but two of their extensive list of sauces are gluten free, and they offered a local gluten free hard cider.

New Plymouth Burger (no gluten free bun photoed due to additional allergies)

New Plymouth Burger (no gluten free bun photoed due to additional allergies)

I had the New Plymouth burger it comes with two slices of bacon, two thick slices of brie, perfectly grilled onions, mushrooms, and a tarragon mayonnaise that was subtle and didn’t overpower the light creamy cheese. I did not try the gluten free bun as I have additional food allergies, but the burger and topping were fantastic and filling on their own.

The burger does not come with the traditional american side of fries. Instead they pair it with a crisp refreshing salad lightly coated in an apple vinaigrette dressing. The fresh basil MADE the salad!

Burger Bach Small Fries

These were tasty and cooked in a dedicated gluten free fryer!

My guest and I shared a small fry and ordered three of the many dipping sauces. By far my favorite was the cilantro flavored sauce. The jalapeno and the honey mustard were excellent too. I ordered unsweetened tea and was brought a bottle of Honest Tea Green Tea. It was tasty, but not what I am used to in a unsweetened tea.

The staff was great. Our waiter Kabo was fantastic. He recommended a locally brewed hard apple cider I had never tried. Kabo showed me the dinner menu pointing out his favorite items and answered questions I had about the gluten free menu knowledgeably.  Overall the experience was extremely pleasurable. I will definately be returning for the half off seafood during happy hour from four to six.

Rating by Laurie Clark: 4.0 stars

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