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Celiac Awareness: Comfort Food in Surprising Places

May 2013 Celiac Awareness Banner

May is a month of new growth and new beginnings. Temperatures turn balmy and flowers come into bloom. May also happens to be the month dedicated to spreading Celiac awareness. Awareness is spread in many ways. Some do it boldly through rallies and politics. We hear about those fairly often. Today I would like to focus on those who spread awareness through food. After all,  reading food blogs is what ultimately inspired me to write this one.

I had the domain name for about a year before I really did anything with it. I thought whatever I wrote wouldn’t be good enough or relevant enough. Then I began reading Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog. She talks about her recipes simply and with a bit of humor. I thought “I can do that.” I read her blog religiously and have made most of her recipes that have gluten free options. She is a vegan. She is not gluten free. Yet, she makes sure that most of her recipes have gluten free options so everyone can enjoy her fantastic creations.

People like Katie do a lot to spread awareness without even trying to. The more often gluten free options are available, the easier it is to adapt to the lifestyle changes involved when a Celiac or gluten intolerant diagnosis is present. It is a magical thing when a newly diagnosed celiac can sit down and eat an oatmeal cream pie or bring an amazing dessert to a family gathering and not feel left out. Some people with gluten intolerance or celiac diagnoses get teased because their food is different or “funny”. To have recipes that are so tasty that gluten eaters can’t even tell they are gluten free versions can ease some of the difficulties.

Sometimes awareness isn’t about shouting facts from the rooftop. Sometimes it’s about making people understand that just because we have a disease doesn’t mean we are any different.



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