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Why Coconut Flour Works for Me

Bag of Nutiva Coconut Flour

I have finally found satisfaction in flour. I am gluten free and mostly grain free. I have been struggling with losing that extra 20 lbs my whole life. I have been in love with cooking and baking everything I could since going gluten free three years ago due to Celiac . It is hard to shed these extra pounds while battling a monster sized sweet tooth. This is where coconut flour comes in. It is naturally gluten free, grain free, and low carb. It is also lower calorie than most flours. As I have a corn sensitivity it allows me to bake corn free as well. I have fallen in love with single serving microwave baking. It keeps me in check in many ways. I can fulfill my need to bake often and keep within my allotted daily calories by having to actually pull out ingredients and bake each serving of what I eat. I have specifically been baking a single serving muffin or cake every morning for breakfast. It has been my weight loss saving grace. On days that I do not eat a coconut flour treat, I often overeat my daily calories by a few hundred due to an insane urge to snack. Coconut flour has tons of fiber and protein to keep me full for many hours longer than any alternative breakfast such as Chex.  I have adapted it to include many fruit and sweet choices which I will be posting here soon. I have also found a savory use for coconut flour. I being corn sensitive and Celiac try not to eat most gluten free bread products on the market. I have found a satisfying buttermilk biscuit that I use for things like egg mcmuffins, ham sandwiches, and even PBJ. I eat this biscuit often as it only takes 2 minutes in the microwave.See, eating healthy, grain free, and low carb can be quick and easy. I order my coconut flour online for greater savings since it can be pricey. My favorite brand is Nutiva because it has a lower calorie count than other brands and comes in a 3 pound size. I usually get a 3 pound bag for around 15 dollars. I can not even begin to describe how life changing this flour has been and I have not even ventured into using it for full sized recipes, breads, cakes, ect. I am excited to keep creating new recipes using coconut flour and passing them along to you. 

Tell me about your coconut flour successes in the comments section below. 🙂





I dont like coconut much. Does coconut flour taste much to coconut?


    Hi Christina, Coconut flour has a pretty neutral taste. It has a faint sweetness that lends itself well to baked goods, but it works well in savory items like our buttermilk biscuits as well. Alan does not care for coconut and can not detect a coconut flavor when I bake with coconut flour.
    Thanks for commenting let us know your thoughts when you try it. 🙂

Beth Miller

I love using coconut flour! I’m on the Trim Healthy Mama “diet” and so I bake a lot with this. I tried making some myself but I don’t think I ground it fine enough.


I’ll have to try coconut flour sometime when I want a treat…
When I was in Japan I started eating natto and rice every morning for breakfast…. it’s sweet and spicy and filling. Then I came back to the US and now I eat greek yogurt and have tea every morning (lots of sugar, but also protein?). My mom started eating natto and rice for breakfast and she said it seemed to help her keep her weight down, maybe it would be good for you? I feel like something fermented in the morning helps my stomach generally. 🙂


thanks so much for all the info on coconut flour! I am wondering about the accuracy of the calorie comparison — why woukd one brand be any lower? If the brand measures by volume rather than weight, then a more aerated measure, perhaps due to a coarser grind, would result in “fewer” calories per cup — but only because of bad measuring (that would also throw off your baking!)…which you could reproduce by simply sifting the other brands to make “airier”?

    Laurie Clark

    Thanks for the comment. I’m glad the info was helpful. As far as the calorie content in different brands of coconut flour, the amount of coconut oil left in the flour ect. affects the total calorie count. Different companies use different methods to make their coconut flour leaving varying amounts of oils in the final product.

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