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South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Fad Diet BS

Here at Gluten Free Girlfriend, we try and remain as neutral as possible, and only deliver the great recipes and reviews you love and crave. But, alas, sometimes some things come up that really make us have to speak up.

South beach diet and their “Gluten Solution” is one of those things. Don’t get us wrong. If you want to try a diet and see if it works for you, by all means, please do. The problem here, is this “Dr. Developed” fad diet makes Gluten free just another silly diet that no one respects.

Why This is All So Bad

Imagine having an allergy, going into a restaurant, ordering food, and telling the server you have an allergy to gluten. What happens, is the server will note the ticket, and the cooks will exercise caution to prevent cross contamination, and you will receive your food (hopefully) free and clear of any trace of the item you are allergic to.

Now, imagine you go in to this same restaurant, explain your allergy, and the server doesn’t pass on the information or the cooks just don’t care. They here what you say, think your on a fad diet, and your food is cross contaminated throughout the while preparation process. This is what happens when your allergy is turned in to a fad diet that noone takes seriously.

What Can You Do?

For starters, do not support or buy in to the myths that these South Beach type fad diet companies create. It’s marketing, it’s sales, and you need to realize that companies are out for money, not your best interests.

In fact, Gluten Free items are often higher in calories than their non-gluten free counterparts. Calories – you know, what really adds weight and is turned in to fat.

To Sum Up Our Comments on the South Beach Gluten Solution Diet

The moral of the story: avoid fad diets like the South Beach Gluten Aware Diet that exploit allergies, and consume less calories to really lose weight.

Need More Information?

Gluten Dude has some pretty strong feelings and great comments about the South Beach Gluten Solution. Check them out at

Our own Laurie ranted a bit on Facebook:
CELIAC RANT: Uh OH… Fad Dieters make me boiling mad! So now because newly diagnosed Celiacs look skinny,from lack of proper absorbtion of nutrients and vitamins( It is a disease people!) , South Beach changed a big portion of what supposedly made it “work”. The new book is called “Gluten Solution: The delicious, doctor designed, gluten-aware plan for losing weight and feeling great-fast”
Gluten free diets are not for losing weight. They are a cure for Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. I gained weight going gluten free because my body started absorbing nutrients again! Why must big business cash in on disease? Why do Americans fall for this nonsence?

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