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Domino’s Pizza Gluten Free Pizza Review

We’re going to answer your first two questions right off.

  1. Yes, we have tried Dominos gluten free pizza crust.
  2. No, ordering the pizza made in the store is not safe for Celiacs; however, acquiring the crust still sealed in it’s package is.

Domino’s Pizza has two flavors of stores. There are corporate Domino’s and there are franchise Domino’s. if you have a local franchise, you may be able to speak to someone at that store and purchase the Domino’s Gluten Free crust, still sealed in its packaging. We in no way recommend anyone with celiac disease to order a topped and cooked gluten free pizza from Domino’s. To quote Domino’s:

Domino’s Pizza does not give medical advice. Please contact your physician if you have concerns about consuming this product, knowing the following:

  • Pizzas made with Gluten Free Crust are made in a common kitchen. We do not have a separate area in our kitchens that are guaranteed free from gluten.
  • While the Gluten Free Crust is certified to be free of gluten, the pizzas made with the Gluten Free Crust use the same ingredients and utensils as all of our other pizzas.

This review is on the crust itself, and only the crust, topped and cooked by us in our own home kitchen.

If obtaining a Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust is not an option for you, you can try our Gluten Free, Nut Free, Grain Free Thick Crust Pizza recipe or if you prefer a chewy thin crust option try our Gluten Free Quinoa Pizza Crust.

Domino’s Pizza Gluten Free Pizza Crust

In a word, yum. Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust is by far one of our favorite gluten free pizza crusts. Depending on the cooking method, it has slight chewiness to it that isn’t initially expected from a thin style crust, which gives it its own unique texture. We recommend a pizza stone for a super crispy crust or an air bake pan (pizza pan with holes through it) for a crispy crust with some softer chewiness to it. If you prefer a non crispy crust , a regular pizza pan will leave you with a nice soft and chewy (but not gummy) crust. The flavor is in line with most non gluten free thin style crusts and makes for a perfect slice of pie that is not crumbly, gritty, or overly sweet like several of the other crusts we have tried. Another plus is that this crust will stand up to topping more heavily than some other crusts. I would not recommend going overboard with the sauce, but I have loaded them up with multiple meats cheeses and veggies and have had no problems. Our only gripe on this crust is the difficulty of acquiring it. Domino’s should sell this out of their stores and in grocery stores across the U.S.

Rating by acook: 5.0 stars



You should try Bob’s Redmill Gluten Free pizza mix, it’s delicious.


    Hi Ray,
    I have tried The Bob’s Redmill Pizza Crust Mix. I tend to have stomach issues every time I eat a Bob’s mix. I have tried the pizza crust twice and had stomach troubles both times. Funnily enough my boyfriend Alan who has no problem with gluten had a tummy ache from the Bob’s Pizza Crust as well. We stay away from Bob’s products because of this. Chebe bread makes a great pizza crust if you like boxed. I just make my own most of the time.


Just had Dominos GF pizza… Believe me I have tried them all and theirs is the best I have ever had. Crispy, sweet, chewy, tasty… OMG soooooo good!


    Tried Dominos Gluten Free Pizza with various toppings on it, & was very happy w/ it as were the other guests @ my house that were hesitant to try it after eating their “regular” Pizza . Good Job Dominos! just wanted to know the difference in calories/ fat between a medium hand tossed “glutenfree crust, pizza w/ ‘mushrooms & Pepp. And a med hand tossed pepperoni, mushroom pizza. Thanks again for offering the Gluten free option,

    Frances Shaw

    I have also had Domino’s and it is so much better than Bob’s Red Mill pizza crust mix!!!
    I almost forgot that I was eating gluten-free!


Omg!!!! Sooo delicious!this pizza is even good for ppl without gluten allergies! I ate the entire pizza! But I’m not a pig folks, it only comes in a small and is very thin, enjoy!


I have to say the GF free cheese pizza from Domino’s was pretty tasty as far as commercially availible prepared pizzas go. Much tastier than Amy’s or Udi’s. The xtra 3 dollars over the regular crust and it not even being prepared differently than their other pizzas was a bit of let down. As well as only being being availible in small sizes. It would be nice to just buy the crust in stores.


will give you a good amount of time looking at the back of the toilet door as in the screaming shits


Do you happen to know what the brand of the crust you got from Domino’s was??

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