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Guilt Free Chocolate Banana Cake Batter Dip

Bowl of Guilt Free Chocolate Banana Cake Batter Dip

Gluten Free Raw Chocolate Cake Dip
This is amazing! I crave sweets alot and this dip is a favorite of mine. This is my version of Chocolate Covered Katie's dip. It is slightly lower fat and dairy free!
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 4
  • 1 can chickpeas
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • ⅓ cup sugar
  • ⅛ tsp baking soda
  • ⅛ tsp salt
  • 1 banana
  • 2 tbsp almond butter
  • 3 tsp vanilla extract
  1. Drain chickpeas and toss in food processor.
  2. Peel banana and microwave in a bowl until it is liquidy gooey. A minute worked for me.
  3. Blend all ingredients in food processor until smooth. (My blender worked but it was hard on the appliance.)
  4. Eat alone or as a dip!


Gluten Free Kielbasa and Cabbage

Gluten Free Kielbasa and Cabbage

I remember being a kid and loving the rare night my dad cooked dinner. I knew it always meant we would be eating kielbasa and cabbage. It is such a simple dish but it is one of my favorite. I have tried it done with mustard, with apples, and with beer. This tomato version is my favorite and the one I always end up going back to.

I have made this with red cabbage instead of green once. Alan loved it since he loves red cabbage and knew I would save him some raw to munch on while I cooked. Red cabbage will turn everything purple even the sausage. Either way this dish is a relatively healthy comfort food.

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Frozen Gluten Free Pizza Crust Showdown

When you don’t have time to make your own gluten free pizza crust, ready made crusts are a quick solution.

We’ve tried a few different frozen pizzas and  pizza crusts, and here are our thoughts on them. None were excellent, but it’s frozen pizza so our hopes weren’t incredibly high. We added a few extra toppings to each – extra cheese, fresh basil, onions, and red peppers. You know we have to enhance the flavor of everything we eat, but since we were only judging crust and consistency our additions did not affect our review.

If you do have time to make a crust try our Gluten Free Grain Free Nut Free Thick Crust Pizza or our Thin Crust Quinoa Pizza out. You will not be disappointed.


We found the sauce and cheese to be adequate on this pizza. We found the crust to be crunchy and somehow both chewy and crumbly. The crust seemed to be heavy on the corn as it seemed rather gritty. The flavor was overall great and was my girlfriends favorite out of the three pizzas. The crust passed the cold pizza test well enough still being edible.

Rating by lclark: 4.0 stars

Against the Grain

This was the sole untopped crust we tried out. It looked amazing and was a three cheese flavored crust. We found that topping it with sauce and cheese and baking it according to the instructions gave us a gummy unpleasant crust. The flavor was cheesy but not a flavor reminiscent of pizza crust. It was a bit too buttery flakey for a pizza. This was actually our least favorite pizza of the night. Maybe parbaking the crust till a little beyond golden brown may help the consistency issue. It seemed to taste better cold the next day and the cold helped the chewy gummy crust seem more palatable.

Rating by lclark: 2.0 stars


We found this to be the tastiest option but it only won by a slim margin. The sauce and cheese were adequate but we again added some of our own cheese. We found the crust to be crunchy on the edge with chewy but not bad overall texture. The flavor was the most real pizza flavor of the three. it also won the cold pizza contest being pleasant the next day to eat.

Rating by lclark: 4.0 stars

Easy Quinoa Cooking Directions

Easy Quinoa Cooking Directions

Here’s to my new favorite toy, Quinoa!  I try to use it in as many ways as possible. I began using quinoa as an alternative to rice which my body doesn’t tolerate well. It is a great substitute for a grain free diet as it is actually a seed. It can be used in place of rice in most recipes. I’ve used it everywhere from side dishes and tuna salad to quiche and pizza crust.  Looking for ways to use your quinoa? Check out our easy quinoa recipes!

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Burger Bach Gastropub Review

Burger Bach Gastropub

Burger Bach Gastropub Restaurant

While I was thrifting for items to resell, I happened upon a new restaurant with fantastic gluten free food; Burger Bach. The burgers are made from grass fed beef, all but two of their extensive list of sauces are gluten free, and they offered a local gluten free hard cider. I had the New Plymouth burger it comes with two slices of bacon, two thick slices of brie, perfectly grilled onions, mushrooms, and a tarragon mayonnaise that was subtle and didn’t overpower the light creamy cheese. I did not try the gluten free bun as I have additional food allergies, but the burger and topping were fantastic and filling on their own. The burger does not come with the traditional american side of fries. Instead they pair it with a crisp refreshing salad lightly coated in an apple vinagarette dressing. The fresh basil MADE the salad! My guest and I shared a small fry and ordered three of the many dipping sauces. By far my favorite was the cilantro flavored sauce. The jalapeno and the honey mustard were excellent too. I ordered unsweetened tea and was brought a bottle of Honest Tea Green Tea. It was tasty, but not what I am used to in a unsweetened tea. The staff was great. Our waiter Kabo was fantastic. He recommended a locally brewed hard apple cider I had never tried. Showed me the dinner menu pointing out his favorite items and answered questions I had about the gluten free menu knowledgably. Overall the experience was extremely pleasurable. I will definately be returning for the half off seafood during happy hour from four to six.

Rating by lclark: 5.0 stars


Gluten Free Oatmeal Creme Pie

I love a challenge! Alan had been talking about nothing but Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies for weeks. He finally broke down and and begged my mom for one that he spied in the snack basket on her table. He looked so excited opening it and anticipating the yumness inside the cellophane wrapper. The actual taste and the one he remembered from childhood were completely different. He doesn’t like the taste of packaged goods compared to the homemade goodies I bake for him. I started researching how I could tackle this particular snack in a healthier gluten free version. These had been a favorite snack of mine in middle school as well. I could easily plow through a whole box of them while watching after school TV.

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The Quick & Easy Gluten Free Meal Plan

If you’re not quite ready to dive in to the gluten free recipes we have throughout the site, but still need to eat a gluten free diet, we have you covered too! You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily you can adapt to a gluten free diet, without sacrificing on taste or going broke.

Below are various meal suggestions, that fit various diet constraints, which can be combined and shuffled around to give you plenty of simple and delicious gluten free meals.

Without further adieu, I bring you…

The My Gluten Free Girlfriend Simple Easy Gluten Free Diet Plan



No Restrictions

  • Eggs – Egss are a naturally gluten free food.
  • Bacon – Some brands may have been cured or seasoned with ingredients that contain gluten. Brands that we have found to be safe* include:
    • Costco Bacon
    • Hormel
    • Oscar Meyer
    • Applegate Farms
    • Boar’s Head
    • Kroger


No Restrictions

  • Canned Tuna – I know, right? Trust us, it can be made tasty! Tuna salad is gluten free when made with gluten free spices such as McCormick and Hellman’s or Duke’s Mayo(Don’t use mayo from a shared jar with gluten eaters there is a big cross contamination issue. We like squeeze bottles for this reason!)
  • Sandwich rollups! We roll gluten free lunch meat( Oscar Meyer, Hormel, Kroger, ect.) up with cheese and veggies, hummus and other gluten free toppings like brown mustard! If you want an inexpensive bread choice try soft corn tortillas.
  • Wendy’s salad’s(Substitute grilled chicken and no croutons or tortilla strips) and baked potato are my favorite fast food lunch!
  • Hot dogs (Ball Park, Nathan’s, Hebrew National, Oscar Meyer)


No Restrictions

  • Salmon Burgers – Delicious and nutritious, Costco has frozen salmon burgers that are quick and easy to make.
  • Hamburgers! ground beef is gluten free and making burgers id fun. If you want a burger out try Five Guys, Red Robin, Cheeburger Cheeburger, or Outback steakhouse(Best burgers ever!) Just skip the bun.

*Just in case, we would like to say: All recommendations are at the time of writing. We are not an employee of the mentioned products companies and are not responsible for anything. Ever. At all. If you get sick, it’s not our fault. But, we are sorry you don’t feel well. Please get better soon.