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Quinoa Mini Quiches Gluten Free

Photo of Gluten Free Quinoa Mini Quiches

Who doesn’t like quiche? The combo of eggs and cheese with savory meats and whatever veggies are on hand is delicious! Alan had never eaten a quiche before I tried this recipe out on him. He just about died over these. They are cute and easy to take for lunches being finger food and all. These are very adaptable to what you have on hand in your fridge.

To make the process of chopping up our leftover veggies quicker and easier, we use our Swiss Pull Chop. We like it because it is easy to clean, doesn’t require electricity to run, and lets us have greater control over chopping size without the veggies turning to mush. Plus we just like nifty kitchen gadgets.

Take this recipe and use it as is or customize it to your own tastes. Have fun, experiment, and tell us what you did in the comments section!

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Gluten Free Quinoa Tuna Salad

I use Quinoa for everything. I throw it in chilli and pie crusts, I use it in granola and quiche. The possibilities are limitless. I usually cook up 4 cups with some chicken broth once a week and use it in almost everything I cook. The easiest way to use it and my favorite is to eat it plain as a side dish instead of rice. This recipe dresses it up a little and turns it into a yummy tuna salad.

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Gluten Free Super Easy Tasty Tacos

Gluten Free Tacos

Want a cheap, easy, flavorful, gluten free taco sauce? Try El Pato! A friend in Pittsburgh first opened my eyes to El Pato. This stuff is amazing! I have yet to try cooking anything else with this canned salsa because we are so addicted to it as a taco seasoning. It comes in small yellow or green cans with a duck on them and can be found in the ethnic or mexican foods aisle of most grocery stores. It is super inexpensive at  around 75 cents  per 8 ounce can. I have also found it in a 27 ounce size at the dollar tree for…(drum roll please)  a dollar. That’s enough for a pound and a half of tacos or it can even be stretched to two pounds without affecting the flavor much. Alan likes to eat these tacos in Ortega Stuffers shells since they stand up and hold a ton of taco. I opt for eating the filling and toppings over quinoa ever since I broke up with corn. Either way this dish is gluten free and full of yum!

The only tedious part of making tacos is chopping the tomatoes. I tried using my Cuisinart Mini Food Processor
, but even a short blast in that and I got tomato mush. I now use my favorite kitchen tool ever. The Swiss Pull Chop. It is non electric and works by pulling a cord on the side a few times. 2 pulls of the chord and I have perfectly chopped tomatoes for tacos. It is incredibly easy to use and quick to clean too.

What is your favorite quick and easy dinner? Post your answers in our comments section!

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