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Gluten Free Pasta Review: Quick Gluten Free Spaghetti – That doesn’t taste like crap

Yes, you read that right. It’s spaghetti, it’s gluten free, it’s easy (uses jarred sauce), and it doesn’t taste like crap. Not only that, but the noodles are relatively inexpensive!

Kroger and many other grocery stores carry our favorite brand sometimes as cheap as 2.50  for a 12 ounce bag. That is pretty reasonable as far as gluten free pasta goes. We now use Bionature Organic Gluten Free Pasta. This pasta uses rice flour, potato starch, and soy flour. All of the ingredients are organic as well.

We used to love Sam Mills Corn Pasta which can be found at most grocery stores for around 2 bucks a pound. We loved the taste and texture, but now that I have a corn intolerance we had to switch. I prefer the taste of the Bionature over the Sam Mills anyways.

Looking for other options for gluten free pasta? Some of the brands we have used and liked include:

(This stuff is amazing! Not for everyday use though as it tastes like sweet potato and contains cinnamon.)
De Boles Pasta Rice Spirals We really like DeBoles products.
Also try their Mac & Cheese
(This brand tends to get very dried out if you try to keep it as leftovers)
(The flavor is great, but the noodles tend to be on the gummier side)

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