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Gluten Free Salisbury Steak

Ah, Salisbury Steak. So good and yet, usually, off limits to the gluten intolerant and their dinner partner. Alas, we have gluten free Salisbury Steak, and it’s good.

Alan wrote that. I on the other hand was hesitant about making said salisbury steak.  To me salisbury steak was a half burnt half frozen hunk of hamburger type meat. It always came on a lunch tray or in a black plastic container with  potatoes and a soggy gravy stained brownie. I love Alan very much and humored him on this one. We made this meal together. This recipe changed my whole outlook on what salisbury steak was. This meal came out with a juicy flavorful burger and a savory mushroom gravy that I couldn’t get enough of. I drooled over this meal. I have to admit as always ALAN WAS RIGHT!

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