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Omission Beer, Celiac Disease, and Why I No Longer Trust the CSA Gluten Free Labeling

I am sitting here furious and on the verge of tears. I was not going to even bother writing this post. The CSA has made me feel like my words no longer matter. Money always wins. I am writing in reference to Omission being classified as gluten free by the CSA. I only decided to write this after I commented on Gluten Dude’s post which I urge all of you to read. He responded to my comment reminding me that my voice matters. It has to.

I have posted before about how Omission shamelessly put themselves side by side with actual gluten free products in advertising and even told people at the DC gluten free expo that their beer was in fact gluten free. I know it is not gluten free it is made from barley and has made many celiacs very very ill. Why then would the CSA give Omission gluten free status? I’m brave enough to say I think it is all about fat stacks of cash.

The CSA states that

…the CSA Recognition Seal Program does not allow the use of oats or ingredients that are derived from gluten-containing grains that have been refined in such a way to remove the gluten.

But Omission states

According to federal guidelines, we aren’t legally allowed to claim that Omission beer is gluten-free outside of Oregon because the beer is brewed with malted barley.

WTF! I can no longer trust any of the 1100 products the CSA has labelled as gluten free. How many other companies are they breaking their own rules for? I am highly saddened that now there are 1100 more possible unsafe products I feel the need to avoid. This isn’t me being whiny and boycotting the CSA. This is about my health and making sure I only put foods in my body that will not jeopardize it.

Let the comments begin…