When I, Alan, met the love of my life, Laurie, she informed me she had celiac disease and could not eat foods that contained gluten. I had heard of gluten intolerance, but didn’t know much about how it differed from Celiac. If you’re not fully up to speed either, you can find out more at celiac.org.

Over the next few weeks, I learned more and more about her disease, and began to think of all the wonderful meals we could never have. Alas, I was worried for nothing. You see, you can easily make your favorite foods gluten free and eat safely at many restaurants, it just takes a few extra steps and a little research.

Why is this site called My Gluten Free Girlfriend?

We started amassing recipes, visiting restaurants, and building knowledge that I thought could help others couples. This led me to set up this site. Originally I was going to write it which is why it is called My Gluten Free Girlfriend. When Laurie realized her passion for cooking and I tasted her fantastic meals I let her take over. I occasionally write a post and certainly help her with the tasting of recipes, but mostly My Gluten Free Girlfriend is her baby now.

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  1. Elizabeth B. Franklin

    Hi, Laurie!

    Your dad gave me your information. I’ve known him through Kroger for a long time. He was so incredibly helpful and sweet to me as I dealt with my son’s childhood allergies and food sensitivities. Years ago, Grant knew that I wanted organic produce and helped me out when he could. I ran in to him a few months back and reminded him of who I was and thanked him for the many kindnesses he’d shown me throughout the years. My son is now almost 24! While we do not deal with Celiac, we are sensitive to gluten and choose to be gluten-free as much as possible. I told your dad that I was an Arbonne consultant and that our nutritional products and skincare lines are all gluten-free and vegan. He thought you might be interested. So, I’m wondering if you’ve heard of Arbonne before and if not, would you allow me to give you some samples to try? You may contact me through my website or by calling my cell – 804-938-1198. I’d love to visit with you! Thanks, Laurie!

  2. Carol Clothier

    Bill Hixson is a friend and told me to check out your site, two of my grandchildren are celiac and I am wheat and corn allergic. We all live in South Wales.

    1. Laurie Clark

      Thanks for dropping by Carol. I am still figuring out how to eat with my corn intolerance. Some corn derivatives bother me and some don’t so far. I do seem to be getting more sensitive though. Corn is so much harder to eliminate from my diet than gluten was. I hope my little blog can be of some help with recipes and such.

  3. Pat

    Dear Laurie and Alan, Please, oh please, write a cookbook for mug-microwave recipes; I am sure it would be a hit! Portion control is a problem for many people and it would help us keep healthy. I am sure your two creative brains could take mug recipes to a new height! I would pre order cause your recipes are terrific. I am Paleo, and use stevia as a sweetener and I so appreciate your recipes! Pat p.s. I can imagine it now, mug chicken stew, mug chili, mug,meatloaf and other single serving meals, snacks, and more muffins!

  4. Penelope Collins-DeRodgers

    HI! Thanks so much for sharing your story. I have a cousin, Richard, who has been cursed with a corn allergy his whole life, and his dietician told him, remarkably, that he could minimize or even eliminate the negative effects of corn on his body by eating foods EXTREMELY QUICKLY when dining.

    I found it hard to believe, but since he’s been eating food faster (a meal in 2-3 minutes – even really big ones), it seems his body gets “shocked” by the corn influx and forgets it has an intolerance because it’s trying to deal with all this huge quantity of food rapidly entering his body?

    Has anyone out there: a) heard this advice before or b) tried to eat very quickly so that they can enjoy foods that doctors say are dangerous to their body? My neighbor has a peanut allergy and I’ve convinced her to give it a shot!

    Let me know if there’s anyone out there who’s tried this? It could be the answer we’re looking for!


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