Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain – Gluten Free, Grain Free Dog Food

Kirkland Gluten Free Dog Food

If you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, the last thing you want is your dog accidentally sneaking gluten to you. Luckily, there are gluten free, wheat free, and grain free foods available.

Kirkland Signature – Nature’s Domain

Costco’s Nature’s Domain branded dog food.

We have been using the Salmon Meal & Sweet Potato throughout having our doggy Gypsy. She loves this food and devours it at each meal. It is a part of her grain free diet, which allows Laurie to be carefree and enjoy her baby without the worry of cross contamination from gluten.

Rating by Alan Cook: 5.0 stars


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One comment on “Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain – Gluten Free, Grain Free Dog Food

  1. Margaret

    Was considering your organic dog food because basically it is excellent… excellent. However, I did notice one ingredient that stopped me. Let me tell you here, that I am not just a kook or hack… I have studied nutrition all my life and here is what I have found. Canola oil will make your dog go blind if he eats enough of it and then cause strokes, etc. It is often the cheapest oil on the market but that does not make it the best. I know in some arenas the cheap alternative can be the best but this oil is dangerous! Sunflower or safflower are also quite cheap and are definitely not so deadly. I believe yours would be the best out there if you changed the oil.

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