Omission Beer Inferring They Are Gluten Free

Omission Beer

Omission beer is out of line. Their beers may be perfectly safe for those who have simply joined the gluten free weight loss diet bandwagon, but Omission causes symptoms in some celiac and gluten intolerant individuals (including me).

I was very very disturbed to see this on my facebook page.

Omission Beer is not Gluten Free

Omission Beer is snuggling up beside Glutino and Udi’s products in photos promoting their beer, stating how they “were meant for each other”! We’ve reviewed several Glutino products on My Gluten Free Girlfriend and the company makes great items. Omission does not make a Gluten Free Celiac safe product. Pairing their beer with Gluten Free products is not only misleading, it’s downright irresponsible. Omission is committing a huge sin of omission by pairing themselves with 100% gluten free products when Omission Beer is made from BARLEY! I know that the barley is supposed to “disappear” because the specific distillation process is “magic” but many celiacs and gluten intolerant individuals get ill from these types of gluten reduced beverages.

Here are some screenshots of the offending posts.

And, if that’s not enough to irritate you, they were so kind as to post for Celiac awareness month, suggesting a celebration with their beer. Yes, let’s ask Celiacs to celebrate the awareness of their disease by imbibing alcoholic beverages made from a grain which causes them severe health problems. The testing processes for these beverages are highly inaccurate and I along with many others get incredibly sick from drinking them.

Omission states “According to federal guidelines, we aren’t legally allowed to claim that Omission beer is gluten-free outside of Oregon because the beer is brewed with malted barley.” We are glad that on the FAQ page they make it clear that the law will not allow them to claim to be gluten free.  Our issue is that they are pairing themselves with real gluten free products in order to confuse people into thinking they must be gluten free as well. Newly diagnosed celiacs and people who are highly susceptible to believing all ads as truths are going to think this beer is fine, drink it, and possibly get sick.

When will the nonsense stop? This is supposed to be a month to promote the truth about celiac disease. I know that awareness should be spread year round but people like to have holidays and if that will help bring celiac into the eye of the masses as a disease to be cared about instead of ridiculed I’m all for it. Seriously though how does Omission even begin to think that these ads are appropriate? Their CEO Terry Michaelson is a celiac. You would think that as a company they would know better than to be so deceptive.

What are your thoughts on these ads? Have you drank Omission? Has it caused you issues? Do you drink other gluten removed beers without issues? Sound off here in the comments section.

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9 comments on “Omission Beer Inferring They Are Gluten Free

  1. Ray

    I’m Gluten intolerant and I tried omission, I had mild effects from this beer too. Aside from their posting their product online next to real GF foods I think they are in the clear, on the bottles I purchased it even explained the process and how much gluten was left after their process.

    It tasted nice and I was it was truly Gluten Free.

    1. lclark Post author

      The advertising is what bothers me so much. We went to the Washington DC Gluten Free Expo on Sunday and Omission was there giving out samples. The lady handing out the samples was telling everyone the beer was gluten free! Alan approached her and asked if she was allowed to make that claim. She said she didn’t realize she was calling it gluten free and said she was not allowed to claim their beer was gluten free. When passing the Omission booth later in the day I heard her again telling someone that Omission is gluten free. This is the kind of false claims and fuzzy marketing that is harmful.

  2. Laura

    Omission beer made me sick. I cannot tolerate gluten, so when I saw this “gluten free” beer made here in portland I was excited to try it. I’ve tried it on 4 different occasions, just to see if maybe there was a chance something else caused my reaction, but no, I had a reaction every time. It angers me they call it a gluten free beer. “gluten reduced” would be a much better, and safer label for this beer.
    Omission of information. Dirty business. I’ve heard other gluten free people report the same issues with this beer.

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  4. Lorenzo

    I’m a celiac and I drink omission regularly without any harm. everyone is different I guess. But I would be willing to bet the overwhelming majority of celiacs and gluten intolerant can drink omission no problem. it isn’t labeled gluten free and it clearly states the process so its a drin at your own rosk thing i guess. Only an idiot would drink this for the first time thinking there was 0% chance they could have some type of reaction.

  5. Catelyn

    I’ve had Omission beer several times and have had no problems with it. I’m diagnosed celiac (endoscopy, biopsy, serology), and am incredibly thankful for a great tasting gluten free beer. I agree with Lorenzo that we should all be aware of and own the risks of ingesting anything we didn’t harvest/make, but I also think it’s disappointing to see other people with gluten intolerance continue to live in fear idolizing (demon, not god) things that may be safe. As a big beer fan, I am so grateful for Omission, and the hate-mail makes me sad for all the people who may continue to feel so limited when they don’t have to be. I would ask the blogger to reconsider and remember that every celiac is different.

  6. Brett

    Guys! Don’t try it! The stuff is NOT gluten free. I didn’t even know until I got sick; I downed a whole bottle of it at dinner. The problem was, the restaurant wrote “gluten free” next to the beer on the menu, so I didn’t question it. I certainly realized something was wrong on the way home…terrible product. Terrible way to make money off of people who are ill.

  7. Gary

    I’ve drank many bottles of Omission with no bad affect. I had just a little cross contamination over the weekend and I got really sick. I like the fact they are advertising with Gluten Free Products to let you know they MAY be an option for people. That’s how I heard about them. I’ve also started brewing my own beer with White Labs Clarity Ferm/Brewers Clarex so I can have beers that are closer to the styles I like. Very few to no Sours are made gluten free. I’ve tried St. Peter’s Brewery and it just taste bad.

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